Deep Tissue express

Created for a specific area to loosen tightness and release tension in a short amount of time.

45 mins / $90

Therapeutic massage

Customized for your needs, using a special blend of oils to reduce muscular inflammation.

60 mins / $110 

90 mins / $150

120 mins / $190

therapeutic massage with reflexology

Combines the relaxation and pain relief one gets from a deep tissue massage, while inducing healing components of reflexology using pressure points on the feet. Allowing one to feel rejuvenated.

90 mins/$155

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage stimulates the topmost layer of muscle using a kneading motion and soft strokes. This massage promotes relaxation and as a result, boosts energy and decreases stress.

30 MINS /$65
60 MINS/$105

90 MINS/$140
120 MINS/$180

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage uses long gentle strokes, as well as extensive lymph node manipulation to circulate the lymph fluid, which removes excess toxins from the body. This treatment is especially great for those with any fluid retention issues, breast feeding moms, and those who have just had surgery. Our massage therapists are fully trained in this specialized technique.

60 MINS/$135

Myofascial Release Massage w/ LED Light

Myofascial Release Massage is a non-lubricated technique that reduces tension throughout the body by releasing trigger points across a broader network of the muscular system down to the bone. The treatment consists of massaging and stretching the areas that are rigid by applying medium manual pressure which aids the tissue and supportive sheath in releasing tension and tightness to alleviate pain. The process is repeated multiple times on the same trigger point until the tension is fully released.

90 MINS/$180

sports massage

Concentrates on specific muscle groups, paired with stretching for easier mobility, as a result preventing injuries while enhancing performance.

30 mins/$80
60 mins/$115

90 mins/$160
120 mins/$195

mommy & me massage

This prenatal massage treatment, designed for moms in their second or third trimester, improves circulation, reduces swelling, and releases tension.  Great for mom and baby too!

60 MINS/$120
90 MINS /$160

toddler massage

This massage is for toddlers through five years of age. The massage is tailored to fit the child’s needs.

60 mins/$80

sports massage – teen

Is appropriate for teens 12 through 18 years of age. Like the sports massage it focuses on specific muscle groups and includes stretching; in addition to reduced risk of injury and removal of toxins, the young athlete’s massage can strengthen a teens overall performance in life.

60 MINS/$85


Not another foot massage. Reflexology is an ancient technique used to induce a healing response in the body, by stimulating pressure points on the feet. Reflexology is extremely helpful for those who suffer from planter fasciitis and for those who stand on their feet for long periods of time.

45 MINS/$70

leg & foot

Massage can be helpful to stimulate blood flow, release tension and relive lower back pain. This massage is a great energizer for people who do not have time for a full body massage.

30 MINS/$60

hot stone

Can relieve tension faster than the human hands, because of this a deep relaxation is achieved facilitating restful sleep.

60 MINS/$135
90 MINS/$160

allergy & sinus

This treatment relieves congestion and soothes sinuses. This can either be a single or add-on treatment.

30 mins/$45


A TMJ issue is more common than realized as the source of different unexplained physical issues: head and neck pain, dizziness, jaw pain, facial pain, eye pain, difficulty speaking or swallowing, even sinus pain, to name a few.
Massage is the perfect compliment to help alleviate these issues by addressing the underlying cause.
After a brief consultation, your session will target problem areas facilitating relief with take-home instructions.

30 MINS/$50


Cupping targets specific areas to break up scar tissue which promotes better blood flow while improving the range of motion in muscles. Also beneficial for post-surgery pain and visible scars.

30 MINS/$50

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